What do you offer for active seniors?


Cadence at Rancho Cucamonga offers a rich calendar of opportunities for learning, creativity, exercise and spirituality every month. Every event is designed to keep the mind, body, heart and spirit engaged. From concerts and guest lectures to theater and exercise, games and classes, services and celebrations, civic and volunteer opportunities, shopping and museums, movies and dances, and much more, you can remain as active and involved as you like.

MUSIC: Music is a big part of our culture. Our informal singing group gets together weekly to perform, plus we hold karaoke parties and bring in special musical guests. Anyone is invited to join! Invite your friends.
ARTISTIC PURSUITS: You can pursue your creative side with weekly arts classes. Learn watercolors, oils, origami, collage and crafting of all kinds.
BOOK CLUB: Cadence at Rancho Cucamonga sponsors a book club that meets regularly for discussion. It is open to residents and anyone in the nearby community.
INTELLECTUAL PROGRAMMING: Cadence at Rancho Cucamonga’s programming covers a wide variety of subjects, including leading-edge medical topics, the latest technology, holistic health and brain fitness.
SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS: We encourage people to pursue their passions and inspire others with their special gifts, whatever they may be.

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